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Thank you for visiting The Slavish Writer. Here I want to talk about the craft of writing, the vagaries of self-publishing, Erotica and the art of female domination. I suppose I had better explain The Slavish Writer, This does not mean I am a slave to my writing, far from it, I am in fact quite lazy, (or as I prefer to call it – exhausted). But I do love writing, and the more I write, the more I love it. I am though, rather slavish in a BDSM sense (and here I am talking about the Safe Sane and Consensual kind), but again I am too exhausted to do much about it. But I do enjoy writing about it. I am currently finishing my first novel ‘Elise’ and will 206497744_623a54d67c_zhopefully publish it late this year. I am also working on a sequel and another project. I have learned an awful lot about writing as time has gone on, but I am definitely no expert, so I hope we can share some ideas and secrets. In real life I often write and edit articles and news-briefs, but I have found the art of writing a novel is completely different, and fascinating. I did not really decide to write erotica, it just sort of came naturally, based on my real life experience of BDSM. They say that everyone has a novel in them, and I suppose at first, I simply wondered if I could actually write that many words, and before long I surprised myself, with a collection of around one hundred and sixty thousand of them. Unfortunately though, they did not actually make a novel. But at least it was a start. So I have learned a lot during the editing, re-writing process, and in the meantime learned about Self Publishing. I wrote unconsciously at first, writing scenes as they appeared in my mind, and they all seemed to involve an exploration of female led dominance and submission. It is easy to let your mind wander and invent wonderful ritualistic scenes, especially when thinking of such things, however one thing that was firm in my mind all the way through, was a need to keep it real. I wanted my book to be populated with well rounded, real sounding people, in real life situations, flaws and all. Whether this actually works, only time and my dear readers will tell. One thing I have learned, is that books about female domination are not exactly fizzing off the Kindle shelves, so I am determined to make the best books that I can. Of course there are many who enjoy Femdom fiction, and there are some great writers out there, (I will mention a few in my Blog), some have even made the NYT bestseller lists, I doubt if I will ever reach those dizzying heights, but one can but dream. I will also post links to some other blogs that I like, about writing and the lifestyle, sometimes both at the same time! There are some really good discussions and thoughts out there, and it is good to share. So, please come in, join in, enjoy!


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