Since my books are still a work in progress, here I am posting a few extracts of my writing for your delectation, or approbation! Please feel free to comment on my Blog page, I don’t bite!

After years of searching for a willing Dominant play partner, one day, Elise is astonished to receive an invitation to a party from Mistress Rhiannon, someone he could barely remember contacting. Thrilled at first, Elise soon begins to worry, as the exacting conditions laid out in the invitation begin to play on his mind, especially the part about him wanting to become a Slave. However, following years of rejection, and no replies, Elise decides that it is an opportunity too good to miss, and after weeks of preparation, Elise finds himself on a rain-swept rural railway station, not knowing – his life would never be the same again

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Franny Fearnby Writing